How to Create Temporary Dreadlocks

If you are looking for a new hair style, but are unsure of what you want, consider temporary dreadlocks. Dreads are, most certainly, fashionable and well worth the time they take to create. Temporary dreads even allow you to have that look for one night or even a few days without the need for permanent ones. This article will tell you how to easily create them, another reason why they are a great idea.

In order to create temporary dreadlocks, you will need: shampoo, conditioner, a rat-tail comb, hair clips, hair gel and a hair iron. You will begin by washing and conditioning your hair. After you have done this, you’ll want to allow it to naturally dry. Next, you will divide your hair into sections using the rat-tail comb. Clip each section of hair into even portions no larger than one inch square. The number of clips you will need to use and sections you will, in turn, make will depend on both the thickness and length of your hair. This takes may require the help of a friend. Even if you find you are able to do it yourself, you may find it beneficial to have someone help you. Next, take a section of hair close to your neck and lightly cover it with hair gel. Twist this section, leaving about two to three inches next to your head untwisted. You may twist it as tight as you want or will be able to stand. The hair gel is there to hold it in place.
Now continue to twist each section of hair you have created, finishing with the crown of your head. Place each dreadlock in the position you want it to remain when the process has been completed.

Now place each dreadlock in a hair straightening iron for a few seconds. This is only necessary if you have fine hair that is difficult to straighten. If, on the other hand, you find your hair is staying in place with the gel, you may skip this step. Within 48 hours of creating the temporary dreads, rub conditioner into your hair. You may then follow the conditioner with shampoo which will remove the twists. If you find your temporary dreads worked out well for you, you may want to consider making this a more permanent look. If you want to create it at various times, you may repeat the steps above whenever you desire it for a relatively short period of time. Either way, temporary dreadlocks are easy to create and will definitely give you that different style you’ve been wanting.

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