Popular Types of Mullet Hairstyles

John Stamos Mullet hairstyle
John Stamos Mullet hairstyle

The mullet haircut gained its popularity back in the 1980’s. It is classified as a haircut that is short on the top and the sides, while the back is left long. One of the first “famous” mullet haircuts was seen on Billy Ray Cyrus back in the day when he was first gaining popularity with the country music scene. The mullet lasted well into the 1990’s where we saw John Stamos sport it on the popular televison show Full House.

There are actually two most popular types of mullet hairstyles:
  1. Classic Mullet
    Classic Mullet hairstyle
    Classic mullet

    The classic mullet haircut is one that is cut in a traditional style on the sides and top of the head. The hair around the ears is trimmed short, leaving the back of the hair long and layered. If you have natural curl, it will give the back layered look a very nice, wavy and thick textured look. If you have straight hair, the classic mullet will look as equally nice, having their hair tidy in the front and still keeping a long hairstyle in the back.

  2. Ponytail Mullet

    Bobby Caldwell ponytail mullet hair
    Bobby Caldwell ponytail mullet hairstyle

    The ponytail mullet is an ideal haircut for men who intend to wear their hair in a ponytail but have to maintain a formal look for their jobs. With the ponytail mullet, the front and sides are cut in a traditional way, leaving the back long. When put in a ponytail, preferably right at the occipital bone plane, the ponytail can be neatly tucked inside of a shirt and/or a suit. It is a very neat looking haircut, one with versatility and easy to take care of. Men with straight hair typically tend to do very well with the ponytail mullet, while men with a natural curl may have a more difficult time keeping their hair from looking “bushy” while in a ponytail.

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