How to Cut A Flat Top Haircut

Flat Top haircut
Flat Top haircut

There are many different styles available to men who prefer medium to long hair. Short haircuts and styles are more limited, depending on the length one is willing to leave the hair. Still, many people do not know how to cut a flat top haircut.

The first step in cutting a flat top is to take a pair of electric clippers and cut the hair on the sides and back of the head short. Different people use different guards to achieve different lengths in this area, but the rule of thumb is the shorter, the better.

Next, the remaining hair is usually washed and blown dry so that it stands straight up. The hair on the top is then cut to a length of about 1 inch. As the clippers or scissors move toward the very top of the head, the hair is cut to shorter lengths to maintain the flat appearance of the finished haircut. This thin strip at the top is known as the "landing strip" because it resembles a thin grass landing strip at a rural airport from above.

Some people use a special flat top comb that includes a built in bubble level to ensure that they get an even flat surface on top. Most are able to judge the plane close enough with their eyes, especially if they have cut this type of haircut before.

Flat tops are not at all uncommon among military and police officers because this style is short and efficient. The largest difference between this and a crew cut is that the hair around the top of the head is left longer. This means that a flat top will grow out quickly and will need maintenance cuts performed every few weeks to keep it from losing the ability to stand upright.

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